Sharing Secrets

That may seem a bit misleading in the year of Edward Snowden et al. But I quite literally would like to share with you Secrets — the 2013 winter edition of Montana Journalism Review. My story (and graphic) can be found on Page 59 (61 if going by Issuu’s navigation). I looked into a topic I’ve long been drawn to, anonymous campaign spending, and how it might play out for the 2014 race to replace Sen. Max Baucus (which just got a bit more interesting).

Of course, may I also recommend heading straight to to sign up to receive a free copy in the post.

For those in western Montana, the new issue of Headwall has cometh, so pick up your favorite outdoors quarterly for free wherever fine things are found, or stop by the site. And definitely follow @MontanaHeadwall. Let me know how my tweets are doing.

Cheers, happy New Year.

Staying Sharp

As my fellow “ink-stained wretch” (his words) uncle Steve reminded me, I need to write. OK, everyone has reminded me of such. And I am writing, though much of it is just essays-in-progress and a blog post here and there at Medium. But I saw an opportunity to get my byline in the Post Register instead of just scanning others’ for spelling errors. Because we have a paywall and our soon-to-be-redesigned website is admitted by all to be pretty ugly, I’ve posted the PDF of the page it fell on. Strange spot for a local story but look ma, boxed and everything:


Back in Montana, virtually, I’ve exhausted the current issue’s articles for social shoutouts, and can’t seem to get readers to submit their stories (yet), so I showed them how it’s done with a lesson in getting into a kayak.

Also in Montana, physically, I’ve submitted a “Looking Ahead” story for Montana Journalism Review. The theme of this year’s issue is secrets, so all I can say about the story is xxxxxxxxx.

As I’ve been doing a lot of sports designing lately, I don’t have awesome A1s to share. Though the headline “Lumberjacks stump Montana” will long be a favorite, as will this high school football cheerleader:

B01 100513 Sat SpoSo much swag. Until next time~

An Absence, An Acceptance

My how time passes when you’re getting married. That’s right, on Sept. 7, 2013, I signed up for a lifetime of happiness. But let’s not focus on the details, this is a professional blog, right?

I had a bit of time off for the fantastic fete, which I had built in to the end of my time here in Idaho Falls. Turns out, it’s not going to end: I’ve been hired on as the newest member of the copy desk at the Post Register. They liked my Midwestern work ethic, of course, and my steady improvements in pagination. Plus, an opening appeared at just the right time. So stay tuned for even more swell designs as well as my renewed drive to get a few bylines a month, wherever they will fit. I’m lucky to be in a newsroom when every other day massive cuts are announced across the media. So I’m going to take every opportunity I can for as long as I can.

Though I’m a bit across the border, I’ll still be the online editor for Montana Headwall, conjuring social media posts and properly aligning new content (and occasionally creating it). I’ve been reading up on social media strategy, but still find some luck involved for maximum exposure. If anyone has an accurate algorithm, I’d love to see it. Or perhaps I’m in the process of making it?

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