Back to Basics

Back to basics at the Indy this week with a pair of album reviews.

 Kendl Winter | Arts Features | Missoula Independent

The Mechanics of Hovering Flight

She’s got the quirky voice, the lo-fi production and simple poetry all the kids are into these days, but what sets her apart from the trend is the youthful honesty, sans pretention, present in her voice and structures. Check it out: K

Now for something completely different!

House of Quist | Arts Features | Missoula Independent

Here’s rock’n’roll if Journey never happened — these guys (and girl) take on the classic sound getting old on the radio and make it their own. There’s not much for surprises but something likable about it. Something so simple it doesn’t have a name. I’m going to call it…neat.

Seven semesters down, one to go. Time to remember how to read for pleasure and write in private, not just publication. Keep scanning the Independent for my name (and my talented colleagues’) over the winter and be safe over the solstice. The Mayans say it’s going to be a doozie.