Almost There

Oh hey, I’m a week away from boarding a plane to Austin to begin my 10 days of training at UT with the Dow Jones News Fund. Exciting and terrifying (hate flying) all at once. As for now I bask in the afterglow of four years at the University of Montana, two at the Kaimin and the great void left by no classes or homework.

Actually, there’s still homework. I just went over the Indy’s summer insert, Explorer, with my trusty red pen. But I have but one shift left at my beloved alt-weekly before it’s on to the Post Register this summer.

I learned I’ll be doing plenty of design this summer as well as copy-the paper is switching to inDesign, which I’ve mastered to a working level. Can’t wait to show off some pages on here.

Tomorrow I’ll post a few reviews and a link to Jessica Mayrer’s fantastic feature, which you can get a heads-up on here. It was amazing to be present for breaking news, especially at a weekly. Everyone got pretty pumped, despite staying into the night.

More tomorrow, I have Pad Thai to finish.