Reporting from Austin, Texas

…Where I just received an emergency alert on my phone for a flash flood warning through 6:30 central tonight. I thought all this humidity would amount to something. Luckily I’m sitting with the rest of the UT Dow Jones interns on the third floor of the brand new Belo Center for New Media, so we should be safe. Today we’ve talked about communicating with writers effectively, how to spot and destroy passive voice (or when to leave it) and a few headlines have been hashed. First of many, I can only hope (what, it’s fun!).

Yesterday we toured the Austin American Statesman (that’s a link to their soon-to-be-paywalled site I much prefer over the busy normal page) and I got to sit down with some feature writers, including Omar Gallaga and Michael Barnes. Though cuts are apparent and the copy/design desks have been outsourced to Florida and Ohio, it’s good to see a strong style section in a town this active and diverse. I have a running story list in my head after just two days here…

The newsroom of the Austin American-Statesman on Thursday afternoon.

Still turning out theses on tunes, even from my perch in the live music capital of the world. For those in Missoula, don’t miss Ariel Pink after Sasquatch weekend and I’m not pleased to have missed Surfer Blood last night. Oh well, maybe I’ll miss my flight and get to catch the Avett Brothers next Friday?

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