Fires and Smoke

It’s been a few Augusts since I was able to breathe deeply outside — though the air is clear in Idaho Falls, back in Missoula the Lolo Creek Complex has shut down part of Highway 12 and smothered the city in smoke. In central Idaho, the Beaver Creek Fire has also gained national attention for its size (bigger than the city of Portland) and unpredictability. Which all means it’s a very exciting time to be a journalist. Even sitting at the copy desk, I scan county twitter feeds, police scanners and with this untouchable thrill. Because I know I should be out there. My job isn’t done until you can’t wash that campfire smell from me.

The real point of this post was to share my story (essay really) from the 2013 Fresh Facts, a funny piece on activism in Missoula. Online it’s only available as an e-edition, so head on up to page 28 or, in the case you live in Missoula, pick one up off a stand near you.

I’m going to design out the second story I wrote into a graphic, so look for that soon.

Be well and do good work. I’ll see you out there