Winning, Etc.

First off, big ups to Native News 2013 for bringing home the gold at the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence awards. I was thrilled to see some reporters and photographers — including Sam Wilson, who was my partner on our now-award-winning story — make some waves as well.  Oh, and the Kaimin had a good showing too, unsurprisingly.

Next up, let’s sit down and have a chat about marijuana, young man. As my reporting will show, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to sell.

But don’t think I’m getting lazy. I took a ride in a Tesla, (do not let your driver put it in sport and floor it if you liked your lunch); hopped on a controversial septic company story; and didn’t let the landslide bring me down.

Also, in case I don’t update every every week, click on Read, see it up there? OK, after clicking on Read you’ll see a new link to my current archives. Bookmark away, friends and strangers.

I’ll leave you with the view of the Columbia from my porch:

Oh Columbia