Cascadia Cometh

When I say Cascadia, I usually mean the bioregion that comprises the Pacific Northwest’s watershed that also contains a social movement whose flag looks like this:


But in talking to enough geologists and emergency planners, you’ll find it’s also short for the Cascadia Subduction Zone, hundreds of miles of oceanic plate slipping below North America. It formed the Cascade range and its volcanoes, and it also causes the occasional earthquake. And it can produce the rare megathrust quake that we’re due for soon, as I wrote about last month around the 315th anniversary of the last major quake. The key takeaway: Don’t be scared, be prepared!

In less terrifying news, people around here went nuts for the Seahawks. (Locals got pretty crazy in Arizona too.)

The Conditts — from left, Cameron, Dave, Kara and Shari — stand in front of their Battle Ground home, a beacon of 12th Man pride featuring an illuminated 12 on the roof. Photo by Brooks Johnson 

For a recent Sunday centerpiece, I explored the state of our city-owned industrial park that just can’t quite get going, at least in terms of good local jobs. And for those keeping up with the Cowlitz PUD chronicles, here’s a tangible effect of the political drama.

Another one of my articles made the Associated Press wire, so I’ll let you read about electric cars and some of the county’s under-used, federally funded charging stations… at Oregon Public Broadcasting. 

As you’ve seen from some of those stories, I’m keeping up on that whole do-it-all ethic by shooting many of my own photos. And as of Friday night, I’m a published sports photographer. Weirder things have happened.

Kelso's Kady Bruce drives down the court against Columbia River in the Lassies' big Senior Night win Feb. 6.
Kelso’s Kady Bruce drives down the court against Columbia River in the Lassies’ Senior Night win Feb. 6. Photo by Brooks Johnson