400 miles later

I can say I’ve made my way around Clark County, and my business card supply has taken a dent to prove it.

All over, I found through data, discussions with housing advocates and developers, rent is too damn high — it’s not just the big cities facing an affordable housing crisis.

Out in Battle Ground, an $84 million highway project has the chance to inject some life into the north county hub’s economy, plus save some lives along the way.

Up in La Center, something stinks about the city’s inability to provide sewer service to the proposed Cowlitz Indian Tribe’s casino.

And east county got some press via Washougal’s up-and-coming downtown

More locally, in the absence of our business and environmental reporters, Lauren Dake and I took on the environmental review of a proposed oil terminal. Of course it was dropped two days before Thanksgiving. Transparent as turkey gravy! We’ll persevere. Even though we might also be getting tar sands oil from Alberta should the oil terminal get approved.

Big projects on the horizon, stay tuned.