Moving Up But Not Away

New job, same city: I’m now covering Duluth and its surrounds for the Star Tribune as Minnesota’s largest newsroom expands its coverage here. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and so excited to keep working in this great city I’ve made my home. Let’s get to work.

Already I’ve starting digging in on daily stories with depth, leading off with Superior banning conversion therapy and how Minnesota cities may follow; a look at what’s facing students at UMD from someone who knows best; and how the Lake Superior Zoo is taking one small step toward filling the massive child care shortage.

I also took some time to explore what may be in store for the city’s medical district beyond the record $1 billion in health care campus investments pouring in.

And then some days I get to work out here:

As Katie Galiato writes, this historic lighthouse on Wisconsin Point in Superior was recently sold at auction to a California man for $159,000. Photo by Brooks Johnson

Big thanks to everyone at the Duluth News Tribune for three fast and furious years. Capping off my coverage over the past few months, I looked at ban the box, the finally settled Paulucci estate fight, the urgent need for foster parents, a close-up on the new ownership at Maurices and went all-out on digital elements with the 50th anniversary of the deadliest batch of tornadoes to strike this part of the state in modern times.

My last DNT byline hit doorsteps as I was heading to the Twin Cities to get initiated at the Strib. It was a look at 100 years of Goodwill through the eyes of people who have directly benefited from its services. A fitting end to a consistent workforce theme in my coverage there. Oh, and I’ve left The Memo in good hands as Kelly Busche takes over the business section.

One last thing for now: This line I wrote in a fairly turn-of-the-screw government story is one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy:

Compromise, that aching heart of democracy, had another idea.