The Kaimin Continues…

The first week of the last semester of my beloved college newspaper has come and gone too quickly, but with a few obvious successes. The first, of course, being the relaunch of Redesigned with duties re-assigned, I’m now both the Arts Editor and 1/3 of the web/social team. I never thought analytics could be so exciting, but here I am poring over them obsessively. I need to both post stories at the right time but promote them in a timely and appropriate way. Still on my training wheels (as are my co-webbies) but we had a great week, hits-wise, so I can’t complain (except about the extra work, of course).

MK Site Preview


The other great part of our new website is the ability to blog regularly (and promote it in an accessible way). My section’s first few entries have been simple satire and an upcoming-events blog, but I expect event coverage and previews to ramp up as the students awake to find themselves, yes, here in Spring Semester.

I started off the Keep Missoula Weird column this year with a how-to-be-weird. Hope it finds your funny bone, or at least convinces you of Missoula’s cliquishness once again.

Stay tuned for a big story in the Independent next week!